United by Recourse

Webster's Finest CrossFit Community.

At CrossFit Recourse, you’ll be surrounded by, and become a part of the best CrossFit community in the area.

Once you’ve made the commitment to improve your health and fitness, it doesn’t hurt to have some support. Your fellow gym members/new friends and coaches will supply the push when you need it. You may not be able to choose your neighbors, but you can choose your fitness community...choose wisely.

Think CrossFit might be too tough for you? It’s not. We promise. We’ve got members of every size, shape, age and ability level doing amazing things everyday. Our compassionate and knowledgeable coaches make sure every movement is scaled to your abilities. As you get tougher, so do your workouts.

You bring the dedication and drive, we’ll supply the rest. We can’t wait to meet you!

Invest In Yourself


Our Facility

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Looking for trendy machines and a fancy juice bar? Not here. Our facility is outfitted with what you need to get the job done, not window dressing to make an impression. Our programming utilizes the tried and true equipment needed to get you fit. You’ll find plenty of barbells, rowers, medicine balls and more. We have bathrooms and showers too! Simplicity is beautiful...it’s time to do work.

Got kids? So do we. Active parents make for active kids. Bring them along and set an example. Our lounge area is viewable from the gym floor and equipped with wi-fi and a TV. They can get some homework done, or play with other junior Recourse members. We’ve watched more than a few kids grow up in the gym...and even helped out with some potty training while mom or dad was busy working out.

  • Great atmosphere and workout. I dropped in today and left dripping in sweat! I enjoyed the programming: an intelligent strength piece paired with a bodyweight metcon, and the people made me feel right at home. Great place!

    Lisa Steiner

  • Dropped in from Charlotte, NC. I own CrossFit Charlotte and Reebok CrossFit Uptown. This is a first-class facility.

    Andrew Hendel

  • THE best CrossFit resource in the finger lakes region. Programming is on point, people are real and serious about getting and staying healthy.

    Stephen Burke